Updating julia on macos

when I update julia, I use the tar.gz file. after opening the archive, I get security warnings/errors from macos about running unrecognized software
I have to “allow anyway” in the security settings “julia”, and when updating the registry: “lld” and “dsymutil”
Is there an option to white-list julia without enabling all “unrecognized” software?

I think the easiest way is probably to install julia with juliaup which will give you a signed version.

Execute following in shell terminal of Mac to install Juliaup.

curl -fsSL https://install.julialang.org | sh

Once you have installed Juliaup, julia is on the PATH .

Why not just get the .dmg file from Julia Downloads?

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On Mac, I move the old Julia version from “Applications” folder to trash, download the disk image with the new version, open it and follow the instruction. Then just start VSCode, start Julia and wait a while for the re-compile. That’s it.

juliaup should be a viable alternative, but I personally prefer the “official” way: It is easy and I get all what I need (and not more).