Update Julia in Ubuntu 22

I am running a julia file from console in Ubuntu 22 but I got this error:

$ julia natParmsInput.jl 
The latest version of Julia in the `release` channel is 1.9.3+0.x64.linux.gnu. You currently have `1.9.0+0.x64.linux.gnu` installed. Run:

  juliaup update

to install Julia 1.9.3+0.x64.linux.gnu and update the `release` channel to that version.

$ sudo juliaup update
sudo: juliaup: command not found

How can I solve this error?
Thank you

Juliaup can be installed on Linux or Mac by executing

curl -fsSL https://install.julialang.org | sh
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Normally (if you have a private computer) there is no need to use sudo to install Julia.


It’s very weird that you get this message without having juliaup installed. Did you maybe install and then remove it?

Well, if you install it as normal user and then try to run it with sudo this might happen. The search paths for the root user and the normal user are different.