Upcoming API Changes in DifferentialEquations.jl

There have been a few looming API change proposals, and with JuliaCon 2017 coming up, I would like all of the API change proposals to be settled. We are asking for user input for what they feel about these changes. For more details, see our post on the latest ecosystem update.


Unlike previous API changes (way back in pre-1.0 land), these changes are not “core” and are mostly user-focused to try and clear up what seem to be common issues new users have when learning the ecosystem (as evidenced by the many Gitter chats). I am taking this as a “last call” since it seems most things are very good these days, and so I would like to have all of the general user API “set in stone” by JuliaCon so that way the workshop video will have something people can use for quite some time.

Please feel free to comment here or on the issues. This is for users, so I hope users will let me know that they agree with these changes, give alternatives, or let me know why they think they are a bad idea.