Unexpected infinite loop when calling a simple function

I’m trying to create a function that calls another function.

using Weave

function knytte( file_name, doc_type )
    weave( file_name, doctype = doc_type )

knytte( "test.jmd", "md2html" )

The content of “test.jmd” could be anything.

Somehow julia just kept executing the weave() function over and over.

Does someone have an idea how the code needs to be changed?


I just tried running exactly your code with test.jmd containing just:

#hello world

and it ran correctly. I also don’t see anything obviously wrong with the code you’ve written.

Can you post the simplest possible test.jmd that reproduces the issue for you?


Thank you!

I made a mistake in the julia markdown file. I was calling the knytte() function to the julia markdown file, in the julia markdown file. This created the infinite loop!

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