How to Embed Gifs into Weave HTML Documents?

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How do I embed gifs into HTML documents outputted from weave?

Say I have the following Julia Markdown file here:

title : Javis with Weave, Earth Venus Cosmic Dance
author : Ved Mahajan

using Javis

# Defines some functions.

In this section we will define some function to make our animation easy to make.

## Function for the background.

function ground(args...)
    background("black") # canvas background
    sethue("white") # pen color

## Function to make the planets
function object(r, p = O, color = "black")
    circle(p, r, :fill)
    return p

## Function to make the orbits
function circ(p = O, color = "black", action = :fill, radius = 25, edge = "solid")
    circle(p, radius, action)

## Function to make the connectors.
function connector!(connection, p1, p2, color)
    push!(connection, [p1, p2])
    map(x -> line(x[1], x[2], :stroke), connection)

# The Animation.
function make_animation()

    # to store the connectors
    connection = []

    frames = 1000

    # setup the video
    myvideo = Video(500, 500)
    Background(1:frames, ground)

    # add the objects
    earth = Object(1:frames, (args...) -> object(5, O, "blue"), Point(200, 0))
    venus = Object(1:frames, (args...) -> object(4, O, "red"), Point(144, 0))

    # draw the orbits
    earth_orbit = Object((args...) -> circ(O, "white", :stroke, 200))
    venus_orbit = Object((args...) -> circ(O, "white", :stroke, 144))

    # move the planets
    # We need the planets to revolve according to their time periods.
    # Earth completes its one revolution in 365 days and Venus does that in 224.7 days.
    # Hence, we need to multiply (224.7/365) so that the time period matches properly i.e.,
    # when earth completes its full revolution, Venus has done (224.7/365) th of its revolution.
    act!(earth, Action(anim_rotate_around(12.5 * 2π, O)))
    act!(venus, Action(anim_rotate_around(12.5 * 2π * (224.7 / 365), O)))

    # draw the connectors
    Object(1:frames, (args...) -> connector!(connection, pos(earth), pos(venus), "#f05a4f"))

    # render
    render(myvideo, pathname = "cosmic_dance.gif")

# Make the animation!


Then using weave("file.jmd", out_path = "file.html"), I would expect to have the outputted gif rendered into the html document. However, that does not happen. Could anyone help me with this? Thank you!

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(CC @Ved_Mahajan )

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Just bumping this again for any additional insight. Thanks!

There is likely a better way, but this is something I’ve done:

… some jmd file …

import Base64: base64encode
struct GIFFile
    f # filename?
function, ::MIME"text/html", x::GIFFile)
    data = base64encode(read(x.f, String))
    print(io, """<img src="data:image/gif;base64,$data">""")

This is a gif file

fname = "filename.gif"

You can adjust the HTML to format as desired.

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That worked a trick friend!