Unable to use PkgDev with Julia 0.7.0-DEV


I wanted to give Julia version 0.7 a try and update a package I developed as required. I got stuck rather quickly.

Downloaded and installed Julia 0.7
   Version 0.7.0-DEV.4690 (2018-03-23 22:25 UTC)
   Commit 78c7d87369* (3 days old master)
# Julia console:
julia> Pkg.add("PkgDev")
julia> using PkgDev
ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: ArgumentError: Module Main not found in current path.
ERROR: Failed to precompile PkgDev to C:\Users\Owner\.julia\compiled\v0.7\PkgDev.ji.

Any suggestions?


The package manager for Julia 0.7 will be the current Pkg3 and not the future renamed Pkg2 which is the package manager for Julia 0.6. The API will be very similar, but the underlying structure is very different. For now the best resource would be the latest documentation, following Pkg3 Plan and Status Discourse post, the stdlib repository or reaching out to the main author @StefanKarpinski. PkgDev functionalities seem to be included in the package manager as it was before PkgDev.


Thank you for the pointers. It got me past this hurdle. But I can already see that the new learning curve will be interesting to say the least :persevere:


does this mean for 0.7-dev that Pkg and Pkg3 are different thins or they intersect somewhere or else Pkg3 replace both Pkg and PkgDev.