Unable to log long strings

Hi all, I’m trying to log some long strings to the console to capture some inbound rest requests coming from another application. The problem is they are always limited in size to 1000 charecters, I’ve looked over the docs and cannot find anything on this. any ideas would be great.

The way I’m logging it is simply:

@info string

Hmmm. I’m not getting the same problem. Trying this

teststr = "0123456789"^100 * "test"
@info teststr

produces all 1004 characters displayed correctly for me. Can you perhaps try this or give more information about what you are doing? (And possibly your setup if necessary?)

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We are receiving a JSON via a HTTP request from another application we build. The app can use the JSON and does what it needs to with the data. We just want to capture exactly what that data is so we can use it in some test cases.

This might be the reason but we are building the app and deploying in to AWS fargate and that is where we want the data from. I have tried sending the string straight to an endpoint to view it that way but the same happens.

function function (req::HTTP.Request)
@info String(req)