"unable to find the specified executable file" when trying to use mpirun on julia

I am trying to run my julia code on multiple nodes of a cluster, which uses Moab and Torque for the scheduler and resource manager.
In an interactive session where I requested 3 nodes, I load julia and openmpi modules and run:

mpirun -np 72 --hostfile $PBS_NODEFILE -display-allocation julia --project=.  "./estimation/test.jl"

The mpirun does successfully recognize my 3 nodes since it displays:

======================   ALLOCATED NODES   ======================
        comp-bc-0383: slots=24 max_slots=0 slots_inuse=0 state=UP
        comp-bc-0378: slots=24 max_slots=0 slots_inuse=0 state=UNKNOWN
        comp-bc-0372: slots=24 max_slots=0 slots_inuse=0 state=UNKNOWN

However, after that it returns an error message

mpirun was unable to find the specified executable file, and therefore
did not launch the job.  This error was first reported for process
rank 48; it may have occurred for other processes as well.

NOTE: A common cause for this error is misspelling a mpirun command
      line parameter option (remember that mpirun interprets the first
      unrecognized command line token as the executable).

Node:       comp-bc-0372
Executable: /opt/aci/sw/julia/1.5.3_gcc-4.8.5-ips/bin/julia

What could be the possible cause of this? Is it because it has trouble accessing julia from other nodes? (I think this is the case because the code runs as long as -np X where x <= 24, which is the number of slots for one node; as soon as x >= 25, it fails to run)