Type Inference Bug with StaticArrays?

Consider this simplified example (possibility not quite minimal…)

test1(x::AbstractVector{TI}, y) where {TI <: Integer} = max.(floor.(TI, x /y), one(TI))

then note the Any in the type signature of the output:

julia> test1((@SVector [1,2,3]), rand())
3-element SArray{Tuple{3},Any,1,3}:

This did not happen on v0.6.x. EDIT: The same bug is also present in 0.6.4. It also does not happen if I call test1([1,2,3], rand()). It also does not happen for the following variant:

function test2(x::AbstractVector{TI}, y) where {TI <: Integer}
t = floor.(TI, x /y)
max.(t, one(TI))
julia> test2((@SVector [1,2,3]), rand())
3-element SArray{Tuple{3},Int64,1,3}:

Probably a bug? But where to file the issue?

EDIT: the behaviour on 0.7 is the same.

Are you sure? I get exactly the same behavior on 0.6.4.

Indeed - my mistake. This lack of type inference caused a bug when I was porting to v1.0, which did not appear in 6.4 so I (falsely) assumed that type-inference problem was not present there. I may have made another change that I missed . . . I now edited the title and OP