Type hierarchy graphic in docs build

Is there any pre-existing method for generating a type hierarchy as a graphic image for a Documenter build?

My goal is to have the graphic generated automatically.


Maybe graphviz tool will work for you. there is julia binding. Generating DOT file calling subtypes() recursively should be easy.




do these two threads + these responses put together almost work?

Light graphs could work they do have a hierarchy thingy majig. I had trouble getting flowchart like behaviour with light graph plots.

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If, for some reasons, graphical representation is not absolute priority and automated ascii type hierarchy generation is enough, you may use this solution https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/issues/24741#issuecomment-496212498


@chakravala - I’m starting to kick something off for this type of thing because it keeps coming up. Someone asked for some design docs for the AnalysisWorkflows project and I realized it’s time I worked on the project… I started a repo here: https://github.com/caseykneale/Sherlock.jl Feel free to contribute too it if you want, do your own thing, or hang out while I chip away to make it useful.

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I will look into all these suggestions when I have time.

Note that I need something that works on a Travis CI for building the documentation. It’s not enough if it can run in a local REPL, it also needs to work on Travis CI.

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Gotchya gotchya, I think this could work for that if I build it right. I’ll try my best to keep that in mind as things go :).

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