Two postdoc positions in agent-based modelling at Oxford (4.5 years)

Hi all,

There are two open postdoc positions of 4.5 years each in the Department of Computer Science at Oxford. The successful candidate will work with Professor Wooldridge and Professors Ani Calinescu and Doyne Farmer on one or more of the following four areas:

  • modelling languages for agent-based models (with particular interest in probabilistic programming);

  • populating agent-based models with realistic agent behaviours (e.g., using machine learning techniques);

  • calibrating large-scale agent-based models; and

  • validation and verification of agent-based models (e.g., using
    techniques from game theoretic model checking/synthesis).

G7 post:

G8 post:

The closing date for applications is

                    **12 noon UK time on Wednesday, 23 March 2022**.

Interviews are expected to be held (remotely) in April.

For informal discussion, please contact

        Michael Wooldridge (