COST Action proposal "Making Agent-Based Modelling Policy-Ready"


This message is relevant for researchers in EU countries or affiliated countries supported by European Cooperation in Science and Technology.

Soon a COST Action proposal “Making Agent-Based Modelling Policy-Ready” (MAMP) will be submitted.

At the moment, we are working on the proposal. Working Groups structuring the COST Action MAMP are:

  • WG1. Developing theory on the relationships between technological innovation, policy and society.
  • WG2. Sharing experiences with policy modelling using agent-based models.
  • WG3. Hot topics in public policy research and their modelling requirements.
  • WG4. Cocreating networks for inclusive policy design.
  • WG5. Rigorous approaches to agent-based modelling lifecycle (design, implementation, calibration, validation, experimentation and interpretation).
  • WG6. Preparing and linking data for use in simulations, visualizing and analysing simulation results.

I plan Julia language to be a part of this call (especially in WG5).

COST Actions fund certain expenses in the frame of activities regarding to networking, such as: meetings, training schools, mobility of researchers and innovators, presentations at conferences organised by third parties, dissemination and communication products, among others. You can find detailed information in the COST Applicants’ Guidelines, section 2.6.5. (“Financial support to COST Actions: networking activities and other expenses”) of .

Please feel free to contact me in case you would be interested to join the proposal.



I wonder if this would be of interest to the developers of Agents.jl

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