Two legends in PyPlot

Hello everyone! How to add two legends in PyPlot (only). I tried to replicate some Python examples but they use the add_artist function which I don’t find in Julia.

Do you have an MWE where add_artist errors in Julia? IME it does work exactly the same as in Python, often with literally no code changes.

using PyPlot

When using PyPlot, I avoid using ax.plot, fig.add_subplot, etc.
It seems that here I could not.
MWE = message error warning?
IME = ?

function test()
	# Generate data for plotting
	x  = range(0, 2π, 100)
	y0 = sin.(x)
	y1 = sin.(x * 0.9) * 0.9

	# Find their maxima and minima and store
	maxes, mines = zeros(2,2), zeros(2,2)
	for (k,y) in enumerate([y0,y1])
		i = argmax(y); maxes[k,:] = [x[i], y[i]]
		i = argmin(y); mines[k,:] = [x[i], y[i]]

	# plot y0, y1
	fig = figure()
	ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
	ax.plot(x, [y0 y1], label=["y0","y1"])
	# Plot maxima and minima
	maxline, = ax.plot(maxes[:,1], maxes[:,2], "r^")
	minline, = ax.plot(mines[:,1], mines[:,2], "ko")

	leg1 = ax.legend(loc=3) 
	leg2 = ax.legend([maxline,minline], ["max","min"], loc=1)



Thanks @aplavin.