Help in PyPlot - Julia v1.0 - label and spline ( using ATOM )

in this command

using PyPlot
x = 1:10; y = rand(10,2)
plot(x,y, label(“Line 1” “Line 2”)
title(“Two Lines”)

why the name of the line does not appear ?

and how can i spline this lines ? ( just for an example, my plot is more complicated )

ignoring couple of typos in your example

try following to get legend


does not work

label=[“line 1” “line 2”]

now work too

any help ??

The legend function in matplotlib (hence PyPlot) takes an array (this is explained in the documentation: type ?legend or google “legend matplotlib”).

using PyPlot
x = 1:10; y = rand(10,2)
legend(["Line 1", "Line 2"])
title("Two Lines")

Matplotlib does not do spline interpolation, as far as I know. You have to use some other package (e.g. Interpolations.jl) to do the interplation and then plot that.