Two Julia pearls

While trying once again to find if there was any Julia version of the Classic Computer Science Problems by David Kopec (there are versions in Python, Java, Rust, JavaScript and others in GitHub - davecom/ClassicComputerScienceProblemsInPython: Source Code for the Book Classic Computer Science Problems in Python), I found these very important pearls from @CMoebus in JULIA Projects // University of Oldenburg a Julia application of the SICP and of the ISLR2, both using Pluto.jl.


This is the first I’ve heard of this, thanks for informing us.

Just to let you know, you’ll want to remove the colon from your link so that it’s:


These are my personal diaries while learning Julia. I tried to be close to SICP as possible. When I started to transpile the last two chapters of SICP, Simon Prince published his book UDL. I interupted my SICP activities in favor of UDL because I wanted to explore Julia, Pluto.jl, and LUX.jl while implementing neural networks. I am certain that all Julia code snippets can be improved by more expert Julia devs so I published the code in GitHub.