Two arrows

Can anyone please show how to create a simplest plot with two arrows using Makie.arrow? Documentation here arrows · Makie is written at really advance level.


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But … what does it mean? It doesn’t look like xstart, xend, ystart, yend

It’s start + direction:

xstart = [Point2f(0), Point2f(1)]
xdir = [Vec2f(1, 0.5), Vec2f(1, 2)]
arrows(xstart, xdir)

Sorry you asked for two arrows, which is always more confusing!

In my example you read allt he first numbers for the first arrow:

1 (x-coordinate starting point)
1 (y-coordinate starting point)
1 (move in x direction)
3 (move in y direction)
so in total - start an arrow from (1, 1) and go to (1+1, 1+3) = (2, 4).

The second arrow is then (2, 2) to (4, 6)

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