Arrows for annotation in Makie.jl

Makie.jl has arrows, which are suitable for illustrating vector fields, and annotations seem to be out of their intended use.

If we want to annotate with arrows like matplotlib’s anotations, what is the best way in Makie.jl?

There’s currently no dedicated function for this in Makie. I’ve recently started working on one, but it will still take a while. If we want approximately as much flexibility as matplotlib for this, there’s a lot of ground to cover. I’m still not quite sure what features I want exactly.

You can of course make an arrow out of a lines and scatter, it’s just a little bit of work to get the marker rotation right in screen space, and small things like that.

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I could actually achieve my desired outcome by simply drawing an arrowhead using poly and placing it on the line’s end through rotate and translate.

I believe it would be valuable to have a feature for effortlessly adding basic arrows with annotations, and I appreciate your efforts in that direction. Thanks!