Twin discourse sections with corresponding Gitter rooms


Suppose I am in the JuliaML gitter room. It would be nice if whenever someone posts in the “Machine Learning” Discourse section, it showed up in the Gitter Activity pane for that room.

There are several other candidate pairs for twinning (maybe the main JuliaLang gitter room could display all notifications).

This would mean I don’t have to keep logging in to Discourse to see what’s going on. My gitter window would take care of everything.


Note that Gitter-IRC bot is setup by @oxinabox and the StackOverflow panel bot was made (and is hosted) by @oxinabox. Everyone tends to include in the Activity pane updates from the Github repositories because Github provides those integrations by default. However, there is no integration provided for Discourse, so if you want one, either you or someone else needs to make one.

Also, whether to include these integrations into the activity window is dependent on the admins for the channel. For example, with JuliaML it’s probably up to @tbreloff. So I don’t know if this part of the discussion is for Discourse.


I have been thinking this too for a while.

Gitter does not provide a notifier Integration, as @ChrisRackauckas .

If dicourse provides a public RSS feed (or several), then
a custom integration should be doable,
with a fork of

idk when (/if) my own desire for this will result in me making that fork – i am pretty busy.
if someone else gets to it before me, then I would happily host it. I have a VM just for this stuff.


Looks like discourse does now support RSS:

So it should be pretty simple to fork
for it