Gitter <-> IRC bot and StackOverflow notifier is going down for a few days


The bot which connects Gitter and IRC,
and the bot that applies notifications from Stackoverflow to Gitter
are both going to go down shortly.

The short reason is that I have lost my allocation to the national cloud computing resource that was hosting them.
The longer version involves someone making some interesting para-political choices resulting in all researchers in my state loosing access to said resource (or so I strongly suspect).

I have access to other resources that can host them,
and it shouldn’t take me too long to bring them back online, but I am really busy right now.
I will hopefully be able to bring them back on the weekend.


Can you describe this more? I was unaware that this existed. Does it post to the julialang/julia channel or somewhere else?


If you look at the sidebar on the right, the JuliaLang Gitter shows StackOverflow posts which have the Julia tag. Since I just sit in the Gitter while I work all day, that’s how I get to all of the questions first. My SO rep trend will take a hit in the next few days :smile:.


See here:


Thanks for giving the heads up. I’ll probably have to keep an IRC chat window open the next few days then. We can’t have prospective Julia users ask questions without answers!


BTW I have not yet done this.
My allocation is well over.
But it seems to all still be working.
At some point it will stop.

I’m part way though setting up a new VM to do this,
but it is not yet done.