Tutorial and best practices for distributed processing with Julia on a cluster

Can anyone provide a tutorial and best practices for running distributed computations on a cluster? In particular using Folds.

Is it worth buying Julia High Performance given that it was written in 2019?

Given that there is so much content available online (much for free), including tons of forums (such as this one and stack overflow), I would personally not buy a book. Also, it seems to mention 1.0. There have been quite some developments between 1.0 and 1.9.

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Can you provide some tutorial?
I have programmed some complex computation that I can multithread on my laptop, but now I’m trying to have it run on my computer cluster. I’m having trouble going from multithreading to multiprocessor (I’m using Folds). I think it’s because of the way I have set up my script, with many of consts that are scalars and matrices. I am struggling to find a MWE that crashes the same way my real program does.

you can try keyword search on this forum, e.g. HPC. I have no experience with clusters myself. But I did see that there is a julia package MPI.jl, might this be of relevance?
Posting your error message here might help too.