TSFrames.jl v0.2.0: A timeseries data manipulation package based on DataFrames

TSFrames.jl provides convenient interfaces for performing standard manipulations of timeseries data.

Why another package?

  • The package can handle heterogeneous tabular data.
  • Promotes code reuse by using widely used and tested DataFrame at it’s core to allow powerful data manipulation functions while itself being lightweight.
  • It is well tested and provides extensive documentation.
  • Implements Tables.jl interfaces for interoperability with other packages.
  • Is being actively maintained.
  • Inspired by the familiar R zoo/xts API.

Changes in this release:

  1. Added Tables.rowcount() method for TSFrames.
  2. A new API for join(), including support for joining multiple TSFrames.
  3. New constructors for TSFrame which allow creation of empty objects.
  4. New convenience methods for frequency conversion (eg. to_period(), to_yearly(), etc.).
  5. New API for rollapply(): support columnwise and table-level operations.
  6. Fixed broadcasting of multiplication operator.
  7. Added Base.iterate() method for TSFrame.
  8. Add method for checking equality.

Repository URL: GitHub - xKDR/TSFrames.jl: Timeseries in Julia
Documentation:: Introduction · TSFrames.jl