Trying to put a Weave document in Dropbox ruined Atom

I used Weave to create a PDF, then I updated my .jl and tried to put the new pdf in my Dropbox, so I could share it.

It created 20 or so empty files and crashed atom. After this, any attempt to put a PDF in my Documents folder did the same thing. I had to reinstall Atom, but now it seems to be working.

Just thought everyone should know, don’t do that! Also, if any developers read this, might be something to fix for later versions.

You could help by providing a more detailed description on how to reproduce the issue.

It is unclear how Atom was “ruined” (this suggests something other than a crash that would be fixed by simply restarting), what role (if any) Weave and Dropbox played in the whole thing, etc. Also, unless you open an issue, it may just get lost.

Finally, I am not sure how this belongs in “Teaching & Outreach”, changing that.

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Yeah maybe a bit much, but it wasn’t a restart, it was actually a reinstall.
as for MR

weave("C:/Users/brett/OneDrive/Documents/Soc323.jl", out_path="C:/Users/brett/Dropbox", doctype="md2pdf")

All I did was take a .jl from my Documents and tried saving it to my dropbox. If your developing you can put in your locations. Otherwise, just letting people know what not to do.

I have weave documents in Dropbox all the time with absolutely no problems. You will need to be more specific about exactly what the problem was.


I’ll look at it with more detail, when I have more time, it could be that Dropbox wasn’t syncing.