Trying to import my package and I'm getting errors

Hey, so I’m working on a package with a friend and I decided to test the package, I’ve uploaded it to Github and did


Then I’ve imported the package and got this error

This is how the Project.toml looks like:

authors = ["TheOnlyArtz <MAIL>", "PurgePJ <MAIL>"]
name = "Julicord"
uuid = "91c305b0-c482-11e8-244f-23e78ed5e04c"
version = "0.1.0"

Dates = "ade2ca70-3891-5945-98fb-dc099432e06a"
JSON = "682c06a0-de6a-54ab-a142-c8b1cf79cde6"
WebSockets = "104b5d7c-a370-577a-8038-80a2059c5097"
HTTP = "cd3eb016-35fb-5094-929b-558a96fad6f3"

EDIT: Problem solved guys, I needed to wipe .julia directory :smiley:

That looks more like a warning to me.
have you tried ] resolve as suggested by the warning message?

This is the output if I do it

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