Trying to add YahooFinance.jl and pkg asks for my username and password

Hello all,
I’m trying to install YahooFinance to download financial data. Problem is when I try to add or clone the github repository I get a message to enter my user name and password. When I enter them, it just keeps asking for them over and over again in a loop… Can someone help? Anyone else had this happen?

you can set it to use ssh instead of https which will fix this.

Huh, why would that work? As far as I can tell that repository either doesn’t exist or is private. In the latter case you would need valid credentials for markushhh, which seems unlikely that anyone other than that person has.

A google search for YahooFinance.jl finds a fork in JuliaTagBot (?!). You could try to install that instead with

pkg> add

and see if it works for the purpose.

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Thank you, I used that repository and it did download, but seems to be way out of date as even the simple example crashed for me. I didn’t know they could have private repositories like that. I just removed it, but not be developed any more.

I will have to look this up, never heard of doing this with pkg.

I don’t know if it is the same but I saw that this one was registered earlier this week:

Thanks, just checked it out, looks like they haven’t developed much so far.

There is MarketData.jl?

It says:
This package supports Yahoo Finance API for retrieving data.

There is an example using it in the TimeSeries.jl docs.

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This package actually works well, just pulled some AAPL data back to 1980 quickly and converted to a DataFrame. This is what I was looking for. Thought it may be faster than R when pulling this much data from the web. Thanks a lot!

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Which package did you end up using? Was it easy and fast?

MarketData.jl I think. I was able to pull several stocks and was pretty easy in Julia and used Plots.jl to generate quite a few plots. I will certainly use again.

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Great! Thank you for the super fast reply!

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