Julia script for datamining timeseries from Yahoo Finance

Hey guys, some students of mine are working on applying timeseries analysis tools (from JuliaDynamics) to stock market timeseries. I am wondering if anyone has an already made Julia script for downloading (e.g.,) SnP500 timeseries from (e.g.) Yahoo Finance as csv files?

Check out GitHub - JuliaQuant/MarketData.jl: Time series market data


Maybe you could try GitHub - JuliaTagBot/YahooFinance.jl: Download Yahoo Finance market data in Julia. ?

I think it is quite recent. I know that yahoo finance downloader stuffs are usually not lasting very long as yahoo changes the interfaces regularly, and thus without correct maintenance these tools stop working quickly. But this one is not that old so you might give it a shot

Or maybe this one, seems more recent : GitHub - eohne/YFinance.jl: Fetch stock market data from Yahoo Finance. Exposes stock, commodity, futures, currency (FX), mutual fund, and ETF prices, stock fundamental, summary data , and options data.


Oof, gotta love the Julia community. Within minutes I have an answer to a question! Thanks both, both resources seem greatr!!!