Trying to add Gaston.jl, missing Gnuplot for some reason

When I test Gaston.jl, I’m told that Gnuplots is not available on the system. How do I add this?

┌ Warning: Gnuplot is not available on this system. Gaston will be unable to produce any plots.
└ @ Gaston C:\Users\Brett\.julia\packages\Gaston\ctAQy\src\Gaston.jl:88
Test Summary:           | Pass  Total
Figure and set commands |   14     14
Test Summary: | Pass  Broken  Total
2-D plots     |   45       3     48
Test Summary: | Pass  Total
Histograms    |    2      2
Test Summary: | Pass  Total
Images        |    3      3
Test Summary: | Pass  Total
3-D plots     |   12     12
Test Summary: | Pass  Total
Multiplot     |    1      1
Test Summary: | Pass  Total
Saving plots  |    6      6
Test Summary:          | Pass  Total
Tests that should fail |   14     14
    Testing Gaston tests passed 

Hi Brett. I will check on my Windows laptop.
I advise using the Chocolatey package manager. Install Chocolatey and the new GUI.
Then use this to install Gnuplot


Confirmed on a Windows 10 laptop.
Install chocolatey. Use GUI or a Powerhsell and ‘choco install gnuplot’


Just to confirm: Gaston requires gnuplot to be already installed and in the path.

We should get a GnuPlot_jll recipe into BinaryBuilder.

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I looked into it a few weeks ago, and it seems like a lot of work (there are previous discussions: ; I would very much welcome a pull request, though!

I have conda, can that be used? Otherwise I’ll do that.

How do you do a pull request?

@brett_knoss First, a Gnuplot_jll package must be developed and registered (see This is the part that is a non-trivial amount of work.

Then, Gaston must be modified to use the JLL package instead of looking for gnuplot in the regular places. That part is easy. A pull request to Gaston can be done using the general instructions here.

It is far, far easier to just install gnuplot using Chocolatey, or your OS usual binary installer.

I had it in the path. I used chocolaty and I can get it to load up and make scatter plots, but it won’t make line plots, and I get an error if I try to add linewidth, color, titles, etc.

using Gaston
plot(1:10,title="A simple plot")
plot(1:10,title="A simple plot")
┌ Warning: Gnuplot returned an error message:
│ gnuplot> plot 'C:\Users\Brett\AppData\Local\Temp\jl_hzA37AN2qn' i 0  title A simple plot 
│                                                                            ^
│          line 0: expecting "title" for plot
└ @ Gaston C:\Users\Brett\.julia\packages\Gaston\ctAQy\src\gaston_llplot.jl:182

You will need to read the documentation. Gnuplot has its own way to create plots. In your case, “title” is a property of the entire plot, as opposed to a specific curve; as such, it must be wrapped in Axes():

plot(1:10, Axes(title = "'A simple plot'"))

Anything inside Axes() is translated to gnuplot set commands; in this case, set title 'A simple plot'.

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