Troubles with SimJulia Doc

Hi! I am reading the SimJulia documentation in order to know more about the capabilities of the package.
However, when I run it, an error message appears:

using SimJulia
function car(env::Environment)
    while true
     println("Start parking at $(now(env))")
     parking_duration = 5.0
     yield(Timeout(env, parking_duration))
     println("Start driving at $(now(env))")
     trip_duration = 2.0
     yield(Timeout(env, trip_duration))

env = Environment() ## MethodError: no constructors have been defined for Environment

This message (after ##) seems relevant for the rest of the code, due to I need to declare it in order to follow with the tutorial. Please, any comment will be highly appreciated.

Hi @ameresv,

What version of SimJulia are you using? You should be following the documentation on GitHub pages, not read the docs. You will also need to use the ResumableFunctions package. You need to use env = Simulation().

I’d be glad to chat some more. I’ve been using this package heavily for my research.


Thanks for the comments. I had some troubles with the package; however, I do really want to learn more about it. Do you have any other material where I can learn from? Regards

Sure. If you want to learn more about discrete event simulation with SimJulia. The recent docs are at Home · SimJulia. However, the documentation is poor compared to the old docs on readthedocs. The package has also received little if any attention by the developer in the last two years.

There is a new package that has much better support and documentation: Home · DiscreteEvents.jl. It also has a companion site with lots of examples and tutorials: Home · DiscreteEventsCompanion.jl.

However, if you are interested in discrete time simulation or agent based modeling, I would recommend Introduction · Agents.jl, which has lots of examples/tutorials and has GUI capabilities.

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thanks a lot!