Best Discrete Simulation Learning path

Hi folks!
I seek suggestions for the best learning path of Discrete Simulation in Julia.

  • Is there any book that you could suggest?
  • I find that there are two packages: DiscreteEvents.jl and Simulate.jl; which is the most suitable for learning? Or both are part of SimJulia.jl?

I am a newbie in the core concepts involved in that discipline.
Any help will be highly appreciated.
Warm regards

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I tried all three packages above and personally had the most success learning DiscreteEvents.jl. It includes a set of examples that you might find to be helpful:

One of the examples is based on the book Modeling and Simulation of Discrete-Event Systems. I am not familiar with the book, but it might be worth investigating.

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There is a discussion here that compares both: GitHub - JuliaDynamics/ConcurrentSim.jl: A discrete event process oriented simulation framework written in Julia. Formerly named SimJulia!

(note SimJulia.jl and Simulate.jl don’t actually exist anymore, they have been renamed to the above packages)

Also note that the devs of ConcurrentSim.jl have said that there is development time that is going to be spent on it due to recent funding, so I guess even if the docs aren’t the best now they can definitely improve in the future if you provide adequate feedback. But in general the devs have been very responsive so I wouldn’t shy away from it.

cc also @Krastanov

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Does anyone know if DiscreteEvents.jl is still being developed/maintained?