Trouble using ArrayPartition and StaticArrays

I’ve been using ArrayPartition (from RecursiveArrayTools.jl) and StaticArrays. I’m not sure if this is an expected use case, but I end up with nested ArrayPartitions. When I then do operations on that array, the shapes of the underlying arrays are changed. Here’s an example:

julia> x = ArrayPartition(ArrayPartition(@SMatrix [1.1 1.2; 1.3 1.4]), SVector(1.2))
([1.1 1.2; 1.3 1.4], [1.2])

julia> y = 1.1 * x
([1.21, 1.43, 1.32, 1.54], [1.32])

julia> typeof(x.x[1])

julia> typeof(y.x[1])

This change of the underlying shapes seems to then cause an error later on when I try to do a broadcasted operation with x and y:

ERROR: LoadError: conflicting broadcast rules defined
  Broadcast.BroadcastStyle(::RecursiveArrayTools.ArrayPartitionStyle{Base.Broadcast.ArrayConflict}, ::RecursiveArrayTools.ArrayPartitionStyle{Base.Broadcast.DefaultArrayStyle{1}}) = RecursiveArrayTools.ArrayPartitionStyle{Base.Broadcast.ArrayConflict}()
  Broadcast.BroadcastStyle(::RecursiveArrayTools.ArrayPartitionStyle{Base.Broadcast.DefaultArrayStyle{1}}, ::RecursiveArrayTools.ArrayPartitionStyle{Base.Broadcast.ArrayConflict}) = RecursiveArrayTools.ArrayPartitionStyle{Base.Broadcast.Unknown}()
One of these should be undefined (and thus return Broadcast.Unknown).

Am I just wrong to be nesting ArrayPartitions, or is this a bug?

Thank you!