Trouble understanding @turbo and passing kwargs

After searching for awhile I’m stuck trying to understand why

This works fine

using LoopVectorization
x = rand(10)
y = rand(10)

function turbofun(x,y)
    return x*y

@turbo turbofun.(x, y)

and so does this

function turbofun2(x, y; a=2)
    return x * y

@turbo turbofun2.(x, y)

but not this

@turbo turbofun2.(x, y; a = 1)

I get a cryptic error:

LoadError: TypeError: in typeassert, expected Expr, got a value of type GlobalRef

I suspect the answer is obvious but I’ll be damned if I can find an answer

Chris kindly answered this here: Trouble understanding @turbo and passing kwargs · Issue #493 · JuliaSIMD/LoopVectorization.jl · GitHub