Transpose Plot Layout

I am using Plots for plotting and tried out subplots today. I wanted to plot 4 rows of plots and 2 columns. The code I am using is:

    # plot data    
    p = Array{Plots.Plot}(undef, 8)
    n = 0	
    for i = 1:8
        data = rand(10)
        print("Plot $i \r")
        p[i] = plot(data, title="chan $i", ylabel="Amplitude", xlabel="Time [s]", legend=false)
    plot(p..., layout = (4,2), legend=false) |> display

When I change the layout = (4,2) to layout = (2,4) the plot layout does not change. Is there something I am missing?

I now see what is going on. The plot on my screen does not change but when I do a savefig, it does change.

The result for layout = (4,2) is


and the result for layout = (2,4) is


I figured it out in generating the plots for this question, and then thought it worth sharing since it is not obvious the first time through.

Fyi, the display is working just fine in Plots v1.22.4 with default gr() backend (GKS QtTerm plot window).

It indeed looks nice. In my plotting I would like to open 3 separate plot windows when I run the program. Inspectdr() does that part nicely but gr() just overwrites the previous plots. It is a large dataset so the backend needs to handle many points.