TimeZones I/O error with timezone_names()

On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS julia 1.9 is generating I/O Error: while using TimeZones 1.10 “julia>timezone_names(): readdir(”/home/kadee/.julia/scratchspaces/…/build/compiled/tzjf/v1/2023c : no such file or directory (ENOENT)." The ENOENT part tells me it is most likely operating system dependent. It does look suspicious as 2022f vs 2023c look like “time stamp” from the build system that didn’t update someplace. I am not sure if this is real bug. Everything worked after copying into the expected directory 2023c the contents of 2022f. The readdir call comes from Base.Filesystem.readdir and I didn’t investigate how 2022f was generated. The scratchspaces have very unique long hashes which I abbreviated by using two dots “…” in the directory name. The 2022f was the target directory and 2023c was missing.

Try running Timezones.build() manually.