Timeline for Pkg3?


Is there any idea on the timeline for Pkg3? Is this something for pre-1.0 or a 2.0 kind of thing?

1.0 roadmap

I’m actively working on it and to some extent it’s a “when I get to it” thing, but it should be ready for preview early in the 0.6 cycle, which should give a good amount of time for testing and development so that it can be the package manager by 1.0. Sorry, that’s not a very specific or firm timeline.


raises the question: Where?


Thanks. I am mostly worried since I stopped hearing about it, and JuliaCon is coming up so it seemed like it might miss 1.0.


Forgive my idle curiosity (and I’m sure it’s the last thing on your mind!), but is it going to called Pkg3 or is it a replacement for Pkg?


It’s a replacement. The working name is Pkg3 and it will initially have that module name so as not to conflict with the existing Pkg module. I did a similar thing with the current Pkg, which was initially called Pkg2 and lived alongside the original Pkg in Base.


In a private repo with tons of tiny junk commits with commit message “wip”.