Timeline for juliacon program release

Is there a timeline for when decisions about presentations will be sent out to people that submitted talks?

And a timeline when we can expect a program online, for example things like what the workshops will be, and the rest of the program?

I’m mostly asking to get a better sense when I can/should start travel planning. And just to state the obvious, the earlier we could know, the better, in particular for folks that have complicated travel plans :slight_smile:


April 10th is when first round review is due back,
then there will be a second round to catch anything that was skippped due to hitting a conflict of interest with its initaly assigned reviewers, or due to the initial reviewers bailing out because life happens.

So second round might take a week, or so.
Then a week or so to collate and turn those scores into decisions.
So hopefully by some time in the first or second week of of May, should know acceptances.

Then we will issue a survey as to who wants to see what,
and then I will throw the results of that into a MIP solver that will generate an optimal program.
For the regular days.

Workshops will likely be announced seperately, and potentially before acceptances go out.
Their selection process is a bit different than the regular talks.
As they are being curated, as much as reviewed, to ensure a high-quality and balanced selection.

(This is me wearing my vice program-chair hat, @ChrisRackauckas is the real program chair and might correct me on things i just got wrong.)