TimeArray indexing

I’m playing around with the MarketData package as a way to learn Julia. Now I’ve run into a simple question: How do I access the actual number inside a TimeArray?

I’m following the MarketData example to get the daily closing price of Apple’s stock:

using MarketData, TimeSeries
AAPL = yahoo(:AAPL)

That works great. I can see a full time series of daily closing prices in a column called AdjClose. Now I would like to plot the price history as a percentage of the most recent closing price. The mathematical formula for that is easy, and I think it should be possible to calculate it like this:

price_percent = 100 .* AAPL[:AdjClose] ./ AAPL[:AdjClose][end]

That is, the full time series, divided by the most recent closing price. The problem is, the most recent closing price, which I attempt to acces by AAPL[:AdjClose][end], is not a scalar, so I can divide the full time series by it:

My question is how do I access that 165.29 value so I can divide the entire time series by it?

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You could use a field getter function

price_percent = 100 .* AAPL[:AdjClose] ./ values(AAPL[:AdjClose])[end]
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Brilliant, that worked perfectly. Thanks @goerch!