Tif operations find, crop and cluster

Hello community,

i am struggling with finding the right wayto work with tifs and julia.

I have a with 1 bit depth and a size of 114701*72067 pixels. The file is found on my onedrive

(Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.)

i want to apply to do the following operations on it, but i dont have any idea how to programm it.

find -the original tif and a example tif will be given to a function and the function returns all the x and y positions where the example tif is found in the original tif.

Cluster -the original tiff is given to the function and a distance value, returned are rectangles in the form of (x-pos,y-pos, w,h). The rectangles contain all the black points in the tif. Points are bundled in a single rectangle if the point is not further away the distance value from another point which is already in the bundle. No rectangle is overlapping with another rectangle.

Crop -Original tif, savepath+name and rectangle(x-pos,y-pos,w,h) is given. The original tif will be cut to the new dimensions and saved. The saved file as the same dpi and meta data like the original.

One of my main struggles is there is no good pkg and the big size of a gb for the tif makes many operations very hard on it and slow.

If someone from the community has help or an idea where I can find help, I would appreciate it.