Tick align in Plots

Hi everyone,

I amtrying to plot a simple scatter plot, but I want the y-axis ticks to be rotated 90 degrees. That is fine. However, the miss the alignment, staying below the tick mark. I want to align the tick mark at the center of the number, bu it is not working. Here is my code.

Does anyone have an idea why it is not working?

Thank you in advance

p1 = Plots.scatter(R0,point,marker=(10,Plots.stroke(0)),group = est, grid = false, dpi = 1200,label = "",tickfontsize = 25,c = colors[est],size = [1500,800],bottom_margin =20mm,left_margin=20mm)
p1 = xaxis!(xlabel = L"R_0",xguidefontsize=35)
p1 = yaxis!(ylabel = "Equilibrium Point",yrotation = 90,tickfontvalign = :center,yguidefontsize=35,yguidefonthalign = "left",ylim = (-0.005,0.255))

I could not figure out how to align the ticks with Plots.jl and the pyplot() backend. But here are two other options:

#1) use PyPlot directly

using PyPlot
plt.scatter(rand(10), rand(10))
plt.yticks(rotation=90, va="center")

#2) use Plots and the plotly() backend

using Plots
testscatter = scatter(rand(10), rand(10), yrotation=90)