Repositioning Axis labels in Plots.jl

Hi Everyone,
I’m currently having some problems with the axis labels in a 3D contour plot in Plots.jl, specifically with the pyplots backend. As you can see from the image below the axis labels overlap with the numbers. I’ve been trying to look for an attribute that would let me rotate the axis labels and align them with the axis, or something that could at least move the label text so it doesn’t overlap. So far no luck so some help or suggestions would be very appreciated.

The plotting section of my code currently looks like this:

using Plots
xlabel="X Disp [m]",
ylabel="Z Disp [m]",
zlabel="Fcomp [N]",
colorbar_title="Compensated Drive, Fcomp [N]",
fill=cgrad(:darkrainbow, 20, categorical = true))