Thread collision on data?

I’m trying to do a map-reduce style coding but I’m not getting exactly the same output with serial and parallel code and suspect that there is thread collision on data. I am trying to collate results indexing a data structure on each thread something like [zeros(T, size(x[1])[1]) for i in 1:nthreads()] to collate the data then reduce further by summing then down to a vector serially. The full code is below. There really shouldn’t be any difference in the output between the serial and parallel algos but there is a small discrepancy each time.

The issue is certainly with the piece of code that sits inside the @threads for loop but I’m not sure which side of the equal sign (both?) is the culprit.

The technique I am using was described in another query: Data structures for threaded computing multi-threading by writing to copies of an intermediate result which is later reduced.

Using Julia Version 1.3.0 (2019-11-26)

Thank you

function generateRandomBlockMatrix(::Type{T}, ni::Int64, p::Int64, nBlocks::Int64) where {T <: Float64}
  x = Array{Array{T, 2}, 1}(undef, nBlocks)
  for i in 1:nBlocks
    x[i] = rand(T, (ni, p))
  return x

function serialAlgo(x::Array{Array{T, 2}, 1}, coef::Array{T, 1}) where {T <: AbstractFloat}
  vect = zeros(T, size(x[1])[1])
  for i in 1:length(x)
    vect .+= sum(x[i] * coef)
  return vect

function parallelAlgo(x::Array{Array{T, 2}, 1}, coef::Array{T, 1}) where {T <: AbstractFloat}
  nBlocks = length(x)
  vecStore = [zeros(T, size(x[1])[1]) for i in 1:nthreads()]
  coefStore = [copy(coef) for i in 1:nthreads()]
  @threads for i in 1:nBlocks
    vecStore[threadid()] .+= sum(x[i] * coefStore[threadid()])
  vecTotal = zeros(T, size(x[1])[1])
  for i in 1:nthreads()
    vecTotal .+= vecStore[i]
  return vecTotal

x = generateRandomBlockMatrix(Float64, 10, 1000, 1000);
b = rand(Float64, 1000);
sum(abs.(serialAlgo(x, b) .- parallelAlgo(x, b)))

I guess the problem may be that nBlocks > nthreads(). Therefore you have more async tasks than threads then there are race conditions in access to vecStore[threadid()].

There’s no need to do that.

I think this is simply because floating point arithmatics is not associative.

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You’re right, thanks:

sum(abs.(serialAlgo(x, b) .- serialAlgo(reverse(x), b)))
# 2.7939677238464355e-8
sum(abs.(serialAlgo(x, b) .- parallelAlgo(x, b)))
# 3.259629011154175e-8