This month in Julia world - 2023-08

A monthly newsletter, mostly on julia internals, digestible for casual observers. A biased, incomplete, editorialized list of what I found interesting this month, with contributions from the community.

“Internals” Fora (Slack/Zulip/Discourse/Github):

  • It is always surprising how straightforward it is to modify the Julia compiler from within Julia. This discourse thread showcases how to implement Common Subexpression Elimination (CSE) at the julia intermediary representation level (IR) before it is sent to LLVM for compilation. LLVM of course has its own optimizations, including CSE, but there is value to doing some optimizations within Julia, where one has access to much more semantic information.
  • A slack thread on what “interfaces” can look like in Julia, with interesting discussion of how multiple dispatch complicates things and examples of languages with multiple dispatch and multiple inheritance at the same time (Julia does not have multiple inheritanc yet).

Core Julia Repos:

Dustbin of History:

“Ecosystem” Fora, Maintenance, and Colab Promises (Slack/Zulip/Discourse/Github):

  • Satisfiability.jl is an interface package for a multitude of theorem prover tools, of great value to anyone that needs state of the art SAT solvers
  • A very impressive and powerful (especially given how short the implementation is) eikonal and shortest path solver in Eikonal.jl.
  • Mousetrap.jl is a quite wonderful new GUI-building tool providing a neater API around the intimidating GTK.
  • With PlutoVSCodeDebugger you can now run your pluto notebooks through the debugger available in vscode.
  • A wonderful R-like tidyverse-like tool for working with dataframes recently reached its v1.0. Check out Tidier.jl
  • In the same family, check out TidierVest for web scraping.
  • The JuliaPlots project is now able to collect funds through OpenCollective.

Soapboxes (blogs/talks):

Please feel free to post below with your own interesting finds, or in-depth explanations, or questions about these developments.

If you would like to help with the draft for next month, please drop your short, well formatted, linked notes in this shared document. Some of it might survive by the time of posting.


As every month, thank you for the well-thought-out and written newsletter! Even with as much time as I spend in the Julia bubble, there’s still stuff I learn about from these posts :slight_smile:


I missed so much this month! Thank you.

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This newsletter is amazing. Many, or even most, of the developments you summarize would be very hard to discover, even for someone who reads fora and github quite frequently.


Wonderful job


Just thank you, @Krastanov, for putting this together, incredibly valuable!