Theta ticks in polar plots (Plots.jl)?


I couldn’t find an answer in the documentation so here I am.

Do you know if it is possible to modify the angular ticks (with a formatter, or directly specifying myself some values e.g. 30° will be ‘Monday’ or something like that, or displaying rad instead of deg, …)?

The radial component works well with the ‘y’ attributes but the ‘x’ do not modify the angular ticks.

Small reproducible code:

using Plots
default(proj=:polar, aspect_ratio=:equal, label=:none)
θ, r = deg2rad.(0:10:350), 0:10:350;
scatter(θ, r, marker_z = r.^2, ms = 2,
    yformatter=:scientific) # successfully modify the 'r' ticks

Thanks in advance for your help,

Fyi, you can find some solutions in this thread.