The way Gadfly chooses ticks leads to ugly plots very often?

There’s an experiment for evaluating the claim in the title here. See the readme, and the SVG plots, viewable directly there (in the browser, on Gitlab).

My conclusion was that a very large percentage of these random Gadfly plots of polynomials over random intervals are ugly, stemming from Gadfly’s bad choices of x-axis ticks (I only evaluated the beauty over the x-axis).

I wonder how representative my tastes are.

Poll for my “issue 1”:

  • left-right imbalance in a plot is ugly
  • left-right imbalance is fine by me

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Poll for my “issue 2”:

  • huge amounts of blank space in a plot are ugly
  • huge amounts of blank space are fine by me

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General poll:

  • I mostly agree with the conclusions on Gitlab
  • I largely don’t agree with the conclusions

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I notice that providing Stat.xticks(coverage_weight = 7/8) to plot fixes most or all of these issues. Perhaps the default should be changed?