Stat.xticks fails in presence of Geom.vband and Geom.line

Trying to make a plot that includes Geom.line, Geom.vband, and Stat.xticks. Without Stat.xticks, it works fine. When I add Stat.xticks, I get: “Error showing value of type Plot:
ERROR: The following aesthetics are required by RectangularBinGeometry but are not defined: ymin, ymax”

Here is a minimal example:

using Gadfly, DataFrames

df = DataFrame(x = 0:10, y = (0:10) .^ 2)

tickpos = [x for x in 0:2:8] # tick positions

linelyr = layer(df, x=:x, y=:y, Geom.line)

dr = DataFrame(s=[1, 4], e=[3, 5])

rectlyr = layer(dr, xmin=:s, xmax=:e, Geom.vband,
                color=[colorant"deepskyblue"], alpha=[0.5])

plot(linelyr, rectlyr, Stat.xticks(ticks = tickpos))

I thought I would post here before reporting this as a bug, I suspect the error is mine.

Yes, you want plot(linelyr, rectlyr, Guide.xticks(ticks=tickpos)). In your example above, the free-standing Stat (Stat.xticks) gets added to the newest layer. This is documented in the Layers section of the docs: Compositing · Gadfly.jl. Hence it would also work if you moved Stat.xtcks between the 2 layers!