The second edition of my book "Julia Programming for Operations Research"

Dear friends,

Long waited JuMP v0.19 is now released and I updated my book accordingly. Here is the second edition of my book “Julia Programming for Operations Research” available online.

Ten free copies for discourse users:

The print version will be ready soon via Amazon. The first edition is available free now.

Thanks again for all developers for Julia, JuMP, Optim, and other related packages. Thanks for making my research and teaching more enjoyable.



Thanks for the free copies, I managed to claim one :blush: Unfortunately I’m having rendering issues. While reading in mobile mode equations are cropped, while reading in desktop mode, everything is cropped

Maybe this is something to make the publisher aware of as it is making the book unreadable on a mobile device.

Thanks for reporting this issue. Well, the publisher is myself. I used softcover. I’d recommend reading in the real desktop or in a wider screen for now. If you have the same issue in a wider screen, please let me know. Perhaps you should rotate your mobile device horizontally.

Please consider selling a PDF version (I will buy for sure!)


How can i get a free copy?

If the link doesn’t allow you to get one, you probably missed it?

Also, @chkwon thanks for the mention of Optim. If you’d like something to cite beyond linking to github, then there’s currently ! I don’t know if a book such as yours is tracked somehow by scholar (I doubt it, unless there’s a bibliography available to the public consumption of scrapers), but I enjoy following citations to see what interesting things (that I know nothing about) Optim is used for!

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I see it does say the codes have been used up.

I purchased one though. Good work! Keep awesome Julia books coming! Preferably online!

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@pkofod Thank you for developing Optim. It is a great package. Unfortunately, my book does not have a separate bibliography section, due to some complication regarding online + print publication. I doubt Google Scholar can track it. For any other writings, I’ll make sure to cite it properly, if I use Optim.

@xiaodai Thanks for the purchase! I hope you enjoy reading.

@Arrigo_Benedetti I will consider it surely. I’m just afraid a PDF version is too easy to circulate. I’m self publishing this book and don’t have much protection.

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This is one of my favorite Julia books. Thanks for writing it.

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