The Newtonian Casino

I would recommend the book The Eudamonic Pie to everyone here. Published as the Newtonian Casino in the UK. It is a thrilling tale of hackers who go to Vegas with computers concealed in their shoes.
I cannot help but think of todasy equivalent - Jetson Nanos running on battery packs. Running models in Julia which use ML and differentiable programming to predict the motion of that roulette ball.

ps. Don’t do it in real life. As the book relates you’ll probably find yourself in a dumpster in an alley behind the casino, a bit worse for wear. And it is illegal.

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ps. I dont think our Jetson Nano needs a camera and visual recognition software. From what I remember of the book you input the ending number of the roulette ball, or maybe the first number it ends in.
Over time you can build up a model of the ‘skewness’ of the individual wheel. Roulette actually being invented as a fair game of course, but each wheel has subtle differences.

I am not sure about this, AFAIK all bets have a slightly negative expected value (mostly because of zeros).

Yes indeed. I should have said - roulette is a fair game if the numbers are 1:36
However the wheel has 0 (or two 0) and when the ball lands there the house takes everything.
I think that is correct - I’m probably not understanding some details.