The LinearAlgebra.jl package's `inv()` function does not preserve matrix symmetry

The LinearAlgebra.jl package’s inv() function does not preserve matrix symmetry.

while true
    R = randn((3,3))
    R[2,1] = R[1,2]; R[3,1] = R[1,3]; R[2,3]=R[3,2]
    @assert R == R'
    @assert inv(R) == inv(R)'

I’m about to open an issue for this, but in the meantime: is there a way to deal with this?

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You can use Symmetric for this. It will make inv use the Bunch-Kaufman factorization which preserves symmetry (by only working on one of the triangles) instead of the default LU factorization where rounding errors will make the result slightly asymmetric. I.e.

julia> issymmetric(inv(R))

julia> issymmetric(inv(Symmetric(R)))

julia> typeof(inv(Symmetric(R)))
Symmetric{Float64, Matrix{Float64}}

Thanks :+1:

Also, floating point comparisons should use approximate equality.

You shouldn’t really be using matrix inversion anyway.