The difference between PCHIPInterpolation and SimplePCHIP

Anyone knows their differences? I wonder which one I should use?


If you look at “PCHIPInterpolation.jl” you’ll see “fork from” SimplePCHIP, i.e. the code is the same, just updated, so I wouldn’t worry about the latter, unmaintained package, it seems. I used that package at some point, and it actually works, so both should, but I ended up using SciPy, i.e. calling from Julia to Python (because I needed also extrapolation, or thought I needed, turned out I didn’t in the end). Extrapolation hasn’t been added, in case you need that, and if I recall the Julia package wasn’t as optimized, but it was fast enough for me, not really the speed-critical part. See here:

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Many thanks for sharing the information! Glad to know they are the same. I will use PCHIPInterpolation.jl then.

Why not mark it as solved by Palli then?

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My apologies. I wasn’t aware of the “resolved” function. How could I do that? Should I just click the Solution checkbox? Thanks.

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