TextAnalysis.jl statistical language models not defined

I am quite new here, hopefully I didn’t miss something.

I would like to use the TextAnalysis package for some language modeling like explained here Statistical Language Model - TextAnalysis
My TextAnalysis version is 0.7.0 (the one from master branch)

When even trying to use the most simply version

using TextAnalysis

voc = [“a”, “word”]

mle = MLE(voc)

The result:

UndefVarError: MLE not defined

in include_string at base\loading.jl:1088

in top-level scope at shajdvfkhsd.jl:5

This happens for all API calls.

I appreciate any help, thank you.

Did you check if MLE is exported? In other words, do the code work if you use TextAnalysis.MLE instead? Otherwise, maybe the documentation you are looking at is for a different version than you are using.

I’m in the middle of a major refactoring of the TextAnalysis codebase. Please check back in a few days.

In the meantime, you should use the master of TextAnalysis, but note that things might change from under you pretty quickly.


It doesn’t work with TextAnalysis.MLE(voc), if I understood that correctly. I will await the update from @avik then. I am already using the master.

Thanks for the fast replies.