TextAnalysis.jl Naive Bayes Error

I am trying to use TextAnalysis.jl for some text classification using the Naive Bayes Classifier. However, I’ve been unable to begin as I’m getting an error before I can even load the classifier.

using TextAnalysis: NaiveBayesClassifier, fit!, predict

Produces this error

ERROR: UndefVarError: NaiveBayesClassifier not defined

I know TextAnalysis.jl is intalled and it loads on its own (using TextAnalysis). How can I fix this?


Ever figure this out? I’m getting this right now too.

It looks like this was just fixed, but I don’t think a new version has been registered yet:

You can install it using ]add TextAnalysis#master.

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Thank you @jkbest2. I just saw that too. I’m just getting into Julia so am learning as I go. After reading some more docs, I see that one can add a package from Github like this:

From the Julia command prompt, type ] and that brings you to the Pkg command prompt.

From the Pkg command prompt:

pkg> add "https://github.com/JuliaText/TextAnalysis.jl"

After it installs hit BACKSPACE and Bob’s your uncle. I can confirm that the new fix works and is available via that modified install process.

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Several years ago I tried to get one of the NaiveBayes classifiers in the ecosystem to work, and after spending 2hrs grappling with it I decided to just write my own (it’s a very simple algorithm). Maybe things are better now(IE: after getting the install maybe it will work?), but that is another option depending on where you are with things and what you need and when. I can help with that and may already have some suitable building blocks laying around somewhere to kick start it…