Testing parallelization with MPI and Test

Hello everyone,
I am developing a package that implements multiprocessing with MPI.jl for applications in HPC facilities.
I have a full test suite for my package, which can be run with the usual “]” test from the REPL once the environment is activated.

However, I would like to test the parallel implementation, as it has already happened many times that some small mistake broke only the parallelization (if the code is run on 1 core, it works as expected).

Therefore, I would like to introduce a testing function as the following:

using Test
function test_mpi()
    result_2 = execute a function with 2 processors
    result_1 = execute a function with 1 processor on MPI
    @test result_1 ≈ result_2

Is it possible to invoke only this test with MPI without running the whole test suite on 2 processors?